These Cross-Stitches Are Bitchin’

Make your own tiny pixelated Super Troopers or X-Men with these easy patterns. 

I am fully obsessed with Wee Little Stitches, the Etsy shop that sells utterly badass pop culture cross-stitch patterns. You can either buy the patterns and make the cross-stitches yourself, or you can purchase the already completed cross-stitches from the shop. The patterns are super easy and intuitive, offering thread color suggestions and supply lists. The great thing about cross-stitching is that anyone can do it. It's mindless but fun, a soothing way to keep your hands busy while you watch TV. And the results are so rewarding for such little effort.

I've currently purchased the below patterns for Super Troopers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Golden Girls and Princess Bride, and I'm already working on the *free* Futurama cross-stitch pattern (pictured above). You can download that at the link and get started right away. I'm going to embroider the words "Good news, everyone!" at the bottom and frame it in my office. I am absurdly pleased with how it's turning out. 

Check out the other rad patterns below. There are tons more at the Wee Little Stitches shop, even, so check them out.

So many stylin' blazers in this Anchorman tableau. 

Shouldn't Bender be wearing one of those diamond earrings?

Giles is looking fine, as always.

Dr. Who(s)

I love that Jayne's wearing his hat.

I really dig this one and will probably purchase the pattern for it, as well. So many beards!

This is my jam. I'm going to make it for everyone I know. 

Pixelated Martha Plimpton is outrageously adorable.


Another one I need to purchase ASAP. The Justice League just looks cool as shit.

Annie Potts' hair here is glorious.

The height discrepancies make this extra visually interesting. Look at little Wallace Shawn!

Poor pantsless Uhura. 

This is my very next project. I think I'm going to change the embroidered quote to "Not so funny meow, is it?" Or maybe "Shenanigans!"

This would be quite an endeavor, but I'd like to get to it eventually. Beast looks so totally rad.