Don’t Hold Onto Your Bucks. JURASSIC PARK: LIVE Is Coming!

Old Murder House Theatre follows up their ALIENS ON ICE masterpiece with JURASSIC PARK: LIVE.

Cleverly staged, low-budget love notes to our favorite sci-fi adventure films of the eighties and nineties have thankfully become The Old Murder House Theatre’s leitmotif. And the multi-talented local Austin troupe is likely on your radar as a result of their previous venture, Aliens on Ice, going viral.

Now the gang is at it again with an undertaking similarly colossal to Spielberg’s own cloned contrivance, an on-the-road U.S. tour of JURASSIC PARK: LIVE spanning eleven cities:

Austin, TX  …  June 10th
Houston, TX  …  June 12th
New Orleans, LA  …  June 14th
Atlanta, GA  …   June 16th
Washington D.C.  …  June 18th
New York, NY  …   June 20th
Boston, MA  …  June 21st
Chicago, IL  …  June 23rd
San Francisco, CA  …  June 26th
Los Angeles, CA  …   June 28th
Dallas, TX  …   July 1st
Austin, TX (Encore)  …  July 3rd

“We love movies, and we suffer from a deplorable excess of personality. Murder House began as our effort to bring our favorite movies to life, and over the years has evolved into something magical and unique. We’re here to prove that awesome theatrical experiences haven’t gone extinct.”

I’m not immune to their earnest efforts, however far-reaching, and neither are the folks at Wired.

And the price I paid for working with them to create a dilophosaurus venom blaster was one for the books, almost literally as an older Home Depot employee approached skeptically while I perused miscellaneous plumbing parts, offering, “Miss, I have to ask. Are you making a bong?”

(artwork courtesy of Nathan Sakulich)