ZERO CHARISMA Starts Production April 2!

The film from the makers of BEST WORST MOVIE starts filming Monday. 

Zero Charisma, the new movie from the makers of the terrific documentary Best Worst Movie, starts production in Austin on Monday. The film got attention - and funds - through a hilarious three-minute teaser released last spring. 

The production's being made with local Austin talent. Awesomely, our own April Swartz is head of makeup and hair for the film! For more about the movie, check out the website here

From the press release:

Los Angeles, Calif. - March 29, 2012 – Magic Stone Productions and Shark Films announced today that indie comedy Zero Charisma begins production on Monday, April 2 in Austin, Texas. Sam Eidson (Natural Selection; My Sucky Teen Romance) has been cast as Scott, an obsessive fantasy gamer who struggles to defend his tabletop turf and fellow role-players from an interloping neo-nerd hipster. Dakin Matthews (True Grit; Desperate Housewives; Lincoln), Anne Gee Byrd (ER; Everybody Loves Raymond; Monk) and Cyndi Williams (Temple Grandin; Room) have also been cast in the film.

Zero Charisma is produced by Michael and Lindsay Stephenson of Magic Stone Productions, the company behind the hit documentary Best Worst Movie, and Ezra Venetos of Shark Films, producer of the award-winning feature Five Time Champion. Thomas Fernandes is also producing alongside Rod Olson. Andrew Matthews penned the script, and will co-direct with Katie Graham.