MAN OF STEEL Logo Unveiled; Familiar Yet Snyderier

Looks as if the iconic S shield is not cool yet.

Hey, it's the new logo for Zack Snyder's Superman reboot. I guess what they're going for is some kind of Conan/Game Of Thrones-ish forged steel look; appropriate, considering the recent talk of Krypton being designed as a medieval alien world. Come to think of it, a re-imagined Krypton is probably what I'm most interested in here; in the comics there's always been some creative wiggle room concerning Kal-El's home world, which made Bryan Singer's slavish adherence to Richard Donner's version kind of a bummer.

So, maybe the logo is a hint at something new, but at first glance it looks more like something the Epic Meal Time guys cooked up.  Still, hopefully somewhere, some little kid is as excited by it as I was in 1978 when this turned up on a movie theater wall: