TED Trailer: Seth McFarlane Makes An R-Rated Teddy Bear Movie

FAMILY GUY creator Seth McFarlane does an R-rated DROP DEAD FRED.

I can see how people might find this trailer funny. I mean, I don't - except for the bit about white trash names at the end - but I could see how it would be funny to a certain kind of person. I heard Ted is really, really expensive, so I'm assuming Universal hopes I'm in the vast minority on this. I'm assuming there are a lot of people who find swear words inherently funny, even if they're deployed in ways that aren't particularly clever, so Ted should do well.

I wonder if Seth McFarlane and Mark Wahlberg have talked about 9/11. Both of these guys were supposed to be on flights that crashed that day. There's an alternate universe where this movie quite assuredly does not exist.