JOHN CARTER vs SPIDER-MAN Trilogy: Who Has The Worst Blu Cover?

Dear God, these are horrible.

In this corner, the Blu-ray for John Carter, featuring that same old image of John Carter and the White Apes, because Disney STILL thinks the White Apes are all anyone cares about. But this time, they've added a SECOND John Carter, closer to the viewer, and looking over his shoulder in befuddlement. Perhaps asking 'What the fuck is up with these White Apes all the time?'

In this corner, the new Blu-ray release of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy. I can't tell what the fuck the artistic intent is here. Are they supposed to look sort of like pixel paintings? What's up with the cut out on a solid background look? How utterly goddamned hideous is this shit? A LOT goddamned hideous.

Those Spider-Mans are surely the worst. I can barely stand to look at them.