SHAUN OF THE DEAD Legos Will Be A Reality. Maybe.

A guy gets enough votes to have his SHAUN OF THE DEAD Legos put into production. But will Lego follow through?

I don't have the same emotional connection to Legos that a lot of you guys do. I played with them as a kid, I enjoy poking around the Lego store at the Glendale Galleria, and I appreciate the feats of construction required to create some of the big, crazy Lego sculptures. But I don't automatically get all squishy when some kind of a Lego mash up appears online, and I don't really care about new Lego sets. 

That said...

Lego fan yatkuu put together a Lego version of the Winchester Pub from Shaun of the Dead, complete with Lego zombies and Shaun and all of his friends, and he submitted it to Cuusoo, a site that apparently allows home brewers to submit pitches to Lego - if they get enough votes. And with the support of Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright and even Conan O'Brien, yatkuu got his 10,000 votes, which means his set design has gone to Lego HQ.

But that doesn't mean Lego is going to make a Shaun of the Dead set. While yatkuu's design is very G rated, the original property is quite bloody and not generally in line with what Lego releases.  Said Lego in a statement to yatkuu:

"Due to the themes behind Shaun of the Dead, there would need to be some significant internal discussion for us to agree to produce this as a product. While we appreciate your work and celebrate this big success with you, we are not guaranteeing production."

Damn it, Lego, guarantee production. Do it now. I know I'd buy one, and I'm not even a Lego guy.