The LOOPER Poster Flips It Around

The first one sheet for Rian Johnson's time travel movie shows the full history of Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Bruce Willis.

Slashfilm has debuted the first poster for Rian Johnson's Looper, a time travel story that I saw and really liked back in November. This poster is pretty great, with a stark white background and an interconnected Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis (they play the same characters, decades apart). It even manages to work the now-popular grit/dirt motif in a way that seems to make some sense. Also great: the Looper logo, with that little watch in the O. The ONLY way it could have been improved is if the taglines on both sides were right-side-up for the respective actors, so that the poster could technically be displayed either way. But that's a minor nitpick on a really solid poster.