The Odds No Longer In Gary Ross’ Favor, HUNGER GAMES Sequel Needs New DIrector

CATCHING FIRE will go on without Gary Ross.

Yeah, there's a little too much shaky-cam stuff in The Hunger Games, but to focus on only that is doing director Gary Ross a major disservice. Ross helped spearhead the tone and emotion of the movie, and the way he chose to play Hunger Games will impact the next two films in the series... even though he won't be directing them.

After some public squabbling about his salary (Hollywood people, stop negotiating in the press. It's classless, even for you fuckers), Ross has opted out of returning for Catching Fire. According to The Playlist's sources, Ross' big bone of contention wasn't money so much as it was that he wants to go on and do other things instead of spend the next six years in Panem. I had drinks with the director right before The Hunger Games came out and he was non-committal about a sequel in the way few directors are when pioneering a franchise.

While I would have liked to see Ross come back for more - I really, really liked The Hunger Games - I think he's done the important groundwork with the first movie. Someone else might come in and overdo the romance in Catching Fire, but the world and the tone have been established. Here's hoping Lionsgate gets somebody GOOD for the sequel.