Anne Hathaway REALLY Wants An Oscar For LES MIS

The actress has cut her hair very, very short for the film.

We recently saw pictures of Hugh Jackman as Jean ValJean in Les Miserables; the actor had shaved his head and donned a great big bushy beard for the early parts of the film. The shaving of the head is something we sort of expect male actors to do for roles, but it happens less often with actresses.

But Anne Hathaway did it! Her role in Les Mis is Fantine, a very unfortunate woman who, at one point, sells her beautiful hair to make ends meet. And it seems that Hathaway has gone all the way for the part, actually shearing her locks. This can mean one thing and one thing only: hardcore Oscar push!

I'm excited to see these actors taking on big (for Hollywood) physical changes for their roles. This means that Les Miserables is being approached really, really seriously and that they're trying to make an Actually Good Movie, something that happens so rarely these days.