Devin Visits The Indoor Kids!

Listen to Devin guest on Nerdist's Indoor Kids video game podcast.

Way back on Valentine's Day I sat down with Emily Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani, the Indoor Kids themselves. Their excellent video gaming podcast runs on the Nerdist network, and they're actually pretty good friends of ours at this point - I've been on twice, and Film Crit Hulk has lent his dulcet tones to their podcast as well.

This last podcast was a sequel to one I had done with them earlier, talking about narrative in games. It's funny because we recorded this before Mass Effect 3 came out, and I think that game really rewrites the landscape of gaming narrative. I haven't listened to this yet, so I don't know what my pre-release thoughts on ME3 were, but I bet they were smarmy. I walked into ME3 as much more of a Dragon Age partisan, even after the terrible Dragon Age 2

So click here to listen. We also talk about Jumbo's Clown Room.