THE DARK KNIGHT RISES To Be The Most Sensual Batman Film Yet

Christopher Nolan adds some MPAA-grabbing sensuality to his Batsaga. 

The Dark Knight Rises got a PG-13 rating, which is like no shit duh. The movie could have Christian Bale skullfucking Tom Hardy and it would probably get a PG-13 - the MPAA simply does not stand between massive blockbusters and their intended rating (see The Hunger Games, which should have an R rating based on the MPAA's own standard pussyfooting around violence against children). 

What's almost interesting, and what motivated me to write this bit of hit-baiting, is that the film's PG-13 includes 'some sensuality.' Now, sensuality has never been Christopher Nolan's hallmark as a filmmaker - he made the least sexual dream movie of all time, after all - but when you get Catwoman in your Batman film you expect at least SOME sparks to fly. And it looks like they will. So it looks like we're getting some sort of Batboner material this time around.

It'll be interesting to see how Nolan handles that aspect. Bruce Wayne has remained all but celibate in these films, and his love for Rachel was always very chaste. Batman's an inherently fetishtic concept (something Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher embraced in ways that enraged fanboys), and while Nolan could ignore that aspect of it once Catwoman gets involved it becomes way harder. No pun intended. And it gets doubly complicated if Talia al Ghul takes on any role similar to the comics, where she birthed Bruce's baby.

Anyway, sexuality has been notably absent from these 'realistic' takes on Batman, so I'm interested in seeing what Nolan does with his sensuality.

Hopefully it will be as sensual as this shot of Bruce Wayne getting a facial of bats.