Catwoman Butts In Latest DARK KNIGHT RISES Promo Material

Dat ass? Cat ass.

UPDATE: We were asked to take down the pictures by Warner Bros. as they were leaked promo shots. Apologies!

Were you to bronze that picture you'd end up with a Cat Ass Trophy. 

Just because Christopher Nolan's films are sexless and cold doesn't mean marketing can't play up Anne Hathaway's sex appeal in The Dark Knight Rises. At first I was ready to get all knee-jerk reactionary on this - another bit of marketing reducing a female action character to her ass and sideboob! - but then I realized that all of the marketing for Nolan films focus on butts. It turns out Christopher Nolan is a major ass man. At least since The Prestige.

It's not that Chris wants to see you leave, it's just that he likes to see you go. To be fair, the emphasis on Catwoman's gluteous is much more pronounced than the shadowy, cape or jacket hidden asses on the men in these posters. But they're all essentially ass shots. Of course this Catwoman picture isn't a poster; it's some sort of character reference thing. 

And by the way, another shot of Catwoman and Batman (in his ugliest, busiest Batsuit yet) appeared on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.