Don’t Try This At Home In This Week’s Holy Hunter Of Music Videos

The second video from Jack White's solo album, Blunderbuss. Plus The Dø at sea, and a breakdancing cat!

Jack White’s own words “This generation is so dead” unfold in the AG Rojas directed video for “Sixteen Saltines”. An exploration of the embellished teenage id floating between real time, found-footage and arguably Jack’s own bluish post-apocalyptic nightmares. In his second video from solo album Blunderbuss a bevy of unruly adolescents hold the man in black hostage and bring the quote full circle as he eventually ends up at their mercy. However, I point the finger toward anemia and beg the man to eat a bloody cut of meat.

Paris-based indie pop twosome, The Dø cast loose a lush Nez Nez directed video for one of the many standout tracks from 2011’s worth every cent, Both Ways Open Jaws. “Gonna Be Sick!” is a perfect sampling of Olivia Merilahti’s arresting lead vocal capabilities, hovering between primal growls and at times boasting a Nico-like quality. Together with veteran French cinematographer, Stéphane Vallée the trio flaunts a mostly in-camera effects woven tale of a heroine lost at sea battling the silk elements. And the result is nothing short of winsome.

The Dø - Gonna Be Sick! from Blink on Vimeo.


Shot on the RED Scarlet-X and deserving of a high-res viewing, the Tyler Rumph directed video for Wildcat! Wildcat!’s “Mr. Quiche” illustrates a fine picture for the tail-end of the fugitive feline spectrum. Lauded breakdancer Kian Khiaban dons a kitty suit popping, locking and roaming his way through notable LA haunts. If this is the alternative to roadkill, I’ll take it.