Roger Deakins Makes Bond Look Good While He Drinks A Beer

Bond goes digital and blue collar in the latest SKYFALL official pics.

Spy pics are fun, but one thing paparazzi snapshots can't do is tell you what the DP is seeing. And considering this is the first film in the series to go digital, it's nice curiosity quencher to spot some official stills from Skyfall in Hitfix's photo gallery. It's just a handful of images, but so far so good as Roger Deakins drags 007 away from celluloid (but not, as you can see, away from his 50 year old Aston Martin).

Logic and continuity aside (this Aston Martin has the steering wheel on the opposite side of the car Bond won in Casino Royale), that's just cool as hell. Head to Hitfix to see the rest of the pics, including a first look at Ralph Fiennes as...SOMEONE!

The other bit of Bond business we're late in reporting is this big brouhaha (brew-ha-ha?) over James Bond drinking Heineken in the new film. We're late because it doesn't really strike me as news; we've known about the unprecedented product placement in this film for almost a year, yet for some reason this Heineken story has people all riled up. Because it's not a martini? The last thing Bond drank in Quantum of Solace was a beer, and in 50 years of boozin' he's had mint juleps, mojitos, Bollinger, a "large Mount Gay and soda", and who knows what else. And have you ever had a Vesper Martini? They're horrible. Also, this: