Sidestepping embargoes with online buzz!

Tonight was the world premiere of The Avengers in Hollywood, and I was there, along with many other bloggers and critics and manchildren. There's an embargo on reviews - May 2 - but that'll come tumbling down this weekend.

In the meantime the hip way to get around embargoes is to collect Twitter buzz. See, we're allowed to tweet, and nobody can stop you from collating information that exists in the public sphere. Ta da! I usually don't do this, but if other sites are gonna get hits off of my tweets, I figure I might as well do the same. And so: Tweets About The Avengers! Embargo technically remains intact!

Here are my tweets:

And some other folks:

I'm off to the junket tomorrow. Hopefully the embargo will fall by Sunday - after Saturday's fan screening - because there's a bunch to talk about.