Worm In The Eye! New PROMETHEUS Pictures

Watch a worm flap around in someone's eye, and get a good look at the Prometheus itself.

If big summer movies had their own gravity, we'd be starting to feel the tug from Prometheus right about now. The film, I understand, is done. I wouldn't be surprised if it got an R, but we'll have to see how the MPAA reacts to the latest big budget movie pushing ratings boundaries. As we get closer more and more of the film comes out, with European types getting a footage presentation  this week. You can read some reactions to that footage here.

More interesting to me is this gif, which is so fucking disgusting and amazing.


Yowza! Body horror, hello!

IGN debuted this image, which is a good look at the Prometheus vessel itself: 

Some of that stuff looks pretty specific to scenes from the movie, like the fireproof windshield (does the ship land? If so the whole structure should be basically capable of handling the heat of atmospheric re-entry).

Anyway, I'm psyched. Are you psyched?