Danny McBride To Remake Drafthouse Pictures’ Next Movie, KLOVN!

Danny McBride and Todd Phillips are teaming up to retell the story of two jerks on a canoe trip with a little boy.

The Danish film Klovn (Clown), based on a popular TV show, was such a big hit at Fantastic Fest that the boys at Drafthouse Films decided it had to be ours. The movie is incredibly raunchy and envelope-pushing (but it did manage to secure an R for US release. Barely), and also hysterically funny. It's about two self-centered, bordering on loathsome married guys who go on a trip together that they dub The Tour de Pussy... but one of the guys kidnaps an 11 year old to bring along with him because his wife thinks he wouldn't make a good father and he wants to prove her wrong. 

Warner Bros has bought the remake rights to the film, and they've got Danny McBride writing the script and set to star. Todd Phillips is producing, and possibly although probably not directing. The film would certainly fit in perfectly with his 'men behaving badly' ouevre. 

McBride is working on it as we speak, which means that the film could be moving ahead very quickly. In the meantime Drafthouse is releasing the original in the United States on July 27th; I strongly recommend seeing the original first, as there are some places this movie goes that I cannot imagine even a Todd Phillips movie daring to go. 

For those of you who have seen the film, which role do you imagine McBride playing - Frank or Casper? Neither seem exactly right, so I wonder what his version will look like.

Visit the official Drafthouse Films site for Klovn right here.