Get Involved In Edgar Wright’s Latest Project: BRANDON GENERATOR

It's an online comic that uses your input to shape the story.

Watching the first episode of The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator, the online motion comic from Edgar Wright and Tommy Lee Edwards. While the comic is a promotional thing for Microsoft - it's done entirely in HTML 5 and is intended as a showcase for alternatives to Flash, as well as pimping products like Bing and Internet Explorer - it seems very personal for Edgar. The protagonist is a writer who downs an ungodly number of espressos a day, an addiction that also plagues our Mr. Wright. I imagine that like all writers Edgar occasionally suffers from the sort of writer's block that plagues main character Brandon in the comic.

In the story Brandon ODs on coffee and wakes up with text on his laptop, a drawing on his legal pad, notes on his Dictaphone and more. All of these things are generated by you, the viewer, and will be somehow incorporated into the next episode. You need Internet Explorer to get the full experience - on Chrome I couldn't seem to interact with Brandon's cell phone, but I could write text on his laptop - but any browser should be able to see the comic, which is funny and features dinosaurs made entirely of words.

Click here to get involved in Brandon's story.