Los Angeles: See JASON X With Screenwriter Todd Farmer Tonight!

Celebrate Friday the 13th with the most underappreciated entry in the whole series.

I like Jason X. It's a really weird movie, and it doesn't always quite work, but it's audacious and nutty - and it built in a safety mechanism that allowed for other modern day Friday the 13th movies (we learn Jason has been captured sometime in the future). I actually think Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X are kind of delightful in the ways that they fuck with the series, which had been fully bled dry by that point. 

Todd Farmer, the humongous, terrifying madman who wrote Jason X, the My Bloody Valentine remake (in which he is naked) and Drive Angry will be presenting the film at midnight tonight at the Cinefamily. I guess it's technically AFTER Friday the 13th, but close enough. Todd's a funny, refreshingly open guy and I highly recommend going to see this. He'll probably share some incredible stories from behind the scenes - and maybe somebody will ask him the 100,000th question about Halloween 3D!