PROMETHEUS Will Be Ridley Scott’s Cut

Which means it'll probably be R-rated.

Last summer Ridley Scott revealed that there was no agreement between himself and Fox chief Tom Rothman in regards to the rating for Prometheus. They'd shoot the movie, get the rating and go from there - at least that seemed to be the plan last summer, while Scott was finishing up shooting. Well, he's completed his cut, Rothman has seen it, and that's the cut that will be released. 

Except the MPAA hasn't seen it yet. And from what I have heard, this cut is almost assuredly an R-rated movie. Which, we can assume, means Prometheus will be an R-rated movie. At least that's the solution that I get when doing the math, the constant for which being the video below, in which Scott says his cut is the one that will be released.

Of course the variable remains Tom Rothman. Nobody should get comfortable until the rating is affixed to the movie's poster.

Now, some of you may be wondering why I'm so concerned about the rating of the movie. I can give you a couple of answers, but the main one is that I support the artist's vision, and his vision in this case has led to a film that feels R-rated. On top of that, the intel I have indicates that there is one truly horrifying scene that, if removed or cut, would lose all of its impact. I want to see this movie in the purest form possible.