Revealed: The White Board From CABIN IN THE WOODS!

The new book CABIN IN THE WOODS: THE OFFICIAL VISUAL COMPANION gives us our best look at the infamous white board. SPOILERS, obviously.

The white board is what I fixated on the most during my first viewing of Cabin in the Woods. I made a real effort to see everything on it my second time around. I was thinking I would have to wait until home video to get a really solid look at it, but Titan's new book Cabin in the Woods: The Official Visual Companion really shows off everything on the board. Including some of the betting!

One thing to note: Hell Lord on the board is credited as Fornicus, Lord of Bondage and Pain. So these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the identities of the monsters in the movie. This is where I see a whole world of fanfic and spin-offs and stuff coming in. On the official side I really want some Cabin in the Woods monster toys. Which monster would be your favorite for a Sideshow-type figure? Unicorn with stabbing action? Sexy Witches? Dismemberment Goblins? The Visual Companion has lots of pictures of them as well (final versions and concept), and also includes the complete screenplay. 

Oh, and hey - I don't see the Ballerina on the board. I wonder what would have happened if the kids had gone through with the music box. Who would have collected the winnings? Or would it have been held for next year?

Edited: A lot of people are guessing that Sugarplum Fairy is the ballerina. Seems reasonable!

And I forgot to mention my favorite thing: Deadites are on the board!!