Spock Gets Back To THE NAKED TIME With His New Space Suit in STAR TREK 2

A familiar red outfit, modernized for the times.

A new spy photo from Star Trek 2 has hit the web, and it features Zachary Quinto's Spock in a red space suit. Apparently the scene has Spock dangling over a volcano, which is some pretty good adventure movie material.

The suit looks to hearken back to earlier Star Trek space suit designs. The red calls right back to the design of the flimsy outfits in The Naked Time, the first time we saw the Enterprise crew don an 'away' uniform.

The helmet really reminds me of the outfit Spock wore when going extravehicular to mind meld with V'Ger in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Interestingly this suit seems to take almost no cues from the very bulky Wrath of Khan space suits.

One of the things that really worked in the first Star Trek was shooting FX shots outdoors; it allowed the scenes to have a more natural lighting style. That's happening again here, and what's more, the crew had fires burning off to the sides of the set to get realistic flashes of light off of Spock's space suit.