Two More (Final?) AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Posters

Sony's reboot gets two new, probably final, posters. Both are dark and sort of grimy.

There's a lot of texture in these new Amazing Spider-Man posters. In the top one Spidey looks like he's made out of honeycombs (breakfast tie-in?!?). The second one has a cool fish-eye lens look that I like. 

Neither, however, are that interesting. They don't look particularly iconic. They're really dark. I don't know - this has nothing to do with the movie itself, but it doesn't feel like Sony has really begun getting people interested in this reboot. Maybe they're waiting for The Avengers to pass? I guess that makes a lot of sense, but it also seems unlikely that this campaign is about to pivot on a dime and suddenly become really interesting and get everybody's attention.