Mighty Treehouse’s DOME Is Out To Change The Game

The makers of DOME are out to prove that a quality feature length animated film can be made without a billion dollars. 

Mighty Treehouse is a new digital content creation company intent on producing quality content much more cheaply than the typical bloated Hollywood endeavor. They're able to do this because the company works differently than most. From co-founder (with John Carlos Ynostroza) and former Hollywood exec Mickey Worsnup:

We are lean, mean and everyone gets their hands dirty. From ideation to production to marketing and distribution. We are fans of cool content with the skills to make it all happen minus the typical fluff and BS. And we can do things at a fraction of the cost- without outsourcing or paying slave wages- because, frankly, we're all really f'ing good at what we do and love to push to the limits for the right cause.

We want to create cool content for people who like cool content, and give it to them in the ways they want to receive it.

And do it all in a collective, collaborative way- not based on a spreadsheet or algorithm. Not formulated in board rooms by CPA's, MBA's, DB's and SOB's. 

Sounds pretty good right? Their first project is Dome - The Epic Journey of a Simple Robot, a CG animated feature film from VFX/3D artist Brandon Fayette, who's worked on Star Trek, Cloverfield, Super 8 and Mission Impossible 4. Check out the demo here:

They took the project to Kickstarter because they want, according to Worsnup:

To truly launch our new company in the most organic and AUDIENCE BASED way possible.
We want the community to be involved, and not only involved but integral in its creation.
We would rather be in debt and answer to the audience than any corporate partner or financial investor!

So check out their Kickstarter campaign and support creative output free from endless studio pressure.