The Beauty of Homicidal Ballet in This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

April's back with three new music videos from the underground for you! Behold: wares from Alt-J, Lia and Major Lazer!

British avant pop outfit ∆ (alt-j) in company with director Ellis Bahl and cinematographer Pat Scola unshackled a three minute reverse-thriller with a twist ending -- a story construct worthy of multiple viewings. “Breezeblocks” (or cinder blocks for American folk) is plucked from album to be released in May, An Awesome Wave. Hint: keep your peepers focused on the fourth proximal digits of their left hands. Because we probably haven’t paid this close attention to the ring finger since... 1989.

Real-deal Tokyo director Takuya Hosogane worked in tandem with producer Jin Jin Suruyo and J-pop singer-songwriter Lia to debut a way-out animated video for their track "Nihonbashi Koukashita R Keikaku." In the master motionographer’s own words it’s “gloriously pointless with overwhelming moments of synchronicity." Due to amateur Japanese translation on my part, I’m not sure if he was referring to this particular kinetic piece or life in general.

Here we have more animated righteousness from the collaborative musical offshoot between DJs Diplo and Switch (ahem) called Major Lazer, featuring unmistakable vocals from Dirty Projectors’ Amber Coffman. “Get Free” is a bit of a reggae ballad. Please listen despite that unfortunate pairing of words as it’s quite catchy. Feast your eyes on a contemplative Mr. Major Lazer himself. His reflective shades are set to conquer, however dubious the circumstance.