Fifth Avenue Frogger: Play Frogger In Real Time Against Fifth Avenue Traffic

A hacked version of arcade classic FROGGER allows you to play against real time traffic on New York City's Fifth Avenue.

5th Ave Frogger from Tyler DeAngelo on Vimeo.

It's the 30th anniversary of Frogger, the arcade classic that sees you trying to cross a busy street (amazing how much simpler - yet harder - games used to be). Tyler DeAngelo has hacked a Frogger game to give it a fascinating update: you're now playing against real-time traffic information culled from New York City's Fifth Avenue. That means you're jumping around cars that are actually being controlled by human minds and not algorithms. It's pretty fascinating.

Click here to visit DeAngelo's blog to see the progress. He's hoping to get the game included in the Smithsonian Art Museum's Art of Video Games exhibit. I'd just like to get a playable version online.

And by the way, real life Frogger? Reminds me of this: