Do You Hear The People Sing? Videos From The Set Of LES MISERABLES

The film's big final song is caught on spy video.

I am so excited for Les Miserables! The musical isn't one of my favorites, but it's great and seems primed to be a good film. What's more, director Tom Hooper has cast people who can sing, something rare in the modern era of movie musicals.

Also exciting: the movie has been shooting on location. When you realize that they're doing live recording - ie, singing on set, not lip synching to pre-recorded stuff - that seems brave. But the video above, of the movie's final big number, Do You Hear The People Sing? (Reprise), indicates that it's gonna work. It's totally rousing, even in this paparrazi version, and I imagine that the crane camera swinging around is going to make the whole thing look pretty fucking great.

And, spoilers, I guess: I like having the ghosts of Jean Valjean and Fantine watching over it all. I was a bit confused about this - I thought the barricades were gone by the end, but this is definitely the finale, and Valjean is dead by then. The placement of the duo nicely allows them to look over the happy ending, making everything feel good. I like it!

Also check out this video, which gives you more of a sense of the live singing. It's Hugh Jackman at the beginning of the movie, when Jean Valjean has just been released from prison and finds that his traveling papers, which mark him as a felon, make it hard for him to live.