Good News For Comic Fans In A Coma Since The 90s: LOBO Movie Moving Forward

Holy shit, do you remember that this guy even exists?

A Lobo movie happening in this decade (the Teens, I guess) is almost hilarious. Here's a character who was created as a satirical statement against the grim n' gritty excesses of 80s comics who became the figurehead of that movement. And who then completely burnt out and has barely been heard from since the 90s. Hell, he hasn't even popped up in the rebooted DC New 52 universe yet!

The movie about Lobo - an alien bounty hunter who smokes cigars and swears and rides a space Harley and other stuff - has been churning along for decades. There are likely some of you reading this who have never known a world without a Lobo movie in development. It's taken your whole life to get here, to Warner Bros moving ahead with the property again and assigning a new director...

The guy who directed Journey 2, the movie where The Rock rides giant bees. That would be Brad Peyton, who also directed Cats & Dogs 2: The Revenge of Kitty Galore.

It's important to note that Lobo's best stuff was wildly R-rated. The violence in the best Lobo stories is ultra, wet and messy. It's over the top as a joke. Joel Silver, who has been tenaciously hanging on to this character since the end of the Cold War, has always wanted to make Lobo broad and for kids, and he has the perfect director for that. I'm not entirely sure what the point of such a movie would be, or for whom it would be. Is the idea to get now-grown 80s comic nerds to take their kids to see a movie about a character they liked for a minute two decades ago?