Guy Pearce Out Of Space Jail, Into IRON MAN 3

The habitually underrated actor could be a supporting player in the next IRON MAN movie.

Guy Pearce is in final talks to appear in Iron Man 3, which starts shooting pretty durn soon. The film, directed by Shane Black, will lean heavily on Warren Ellis' Extremis storyline, which is from whence Pearce's character comes. He'll be playing Aldrich Killian, who sells the Extremis nanovirus to terrorists (probably headed by SIR Ben Kingsley in the movie). In the comic he SPOILER immediately kills himself upon being introduced into the story, so either Guy Pearce will continue his career of being underused in good movies or they're beefing up his part. 

Extremis is from where the original Iron Man movie took its cues as well. I wonder how closely they'll stick to the story, which doesn't include any 'traditional' Iron Man villains, or if they'll comic book it up. After talking to Kevin Feige at the Avengers junket I get a sense that Iron Man 3 will be more stripped down, and won't include any comic booky scifi - just cutting edge nanotechnology stuff and lots of drama in Tony Stark's character arc as he comes to grips with being a hero and his impact on the world.

Thanks to Brian Henne