Our Daily Trailer: THE AMAZING BULK

Yes, it's real. And it's available on DVD right now.

I don't know who the audience is for The Amazing Bulk. Some sort of rip off of The Incredible Hulk, the whole movie is shot on green screen and features FX that are so old and shitty they're probably super popular in Williamsburg. The whole thing is bizarre; there's no way that anybody making this shit could have been taking it seriously (the villain is named Dr. Kantlove) but at the same time it's all played very, very straight.

This, people, is what bad movies are all about. And the good news is that The Amazing Bulk is now available to purchase. It was released this week, so forget about The Avengers and place your order below.

The director of this movie has been working in Z-grade video films for a long time, editing stuff like Scarecrow Gone Wild and Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon. He recently directed Aliens vs Avatars, which I feel like I should see.