Kingsley, Hammer And Malkovich To Star As Bastions Of Classy Masculinity In CUT BANK

The refined gentlemen will star in a crime thriller whose screenplay made the 2009 Black List.

Ben Kingsley, Armie Hammer and John Malkovich will star in Cut Bank from the 2009 Black List screenplay by Roberto Patino (Prime Suspect). The movie's a crime thriller about an auto mechanic who makes a drastic attempt to leave his home town of Cut Bank, Montana. The movie will be the feature directorial debut by television director Matt Shakman (Mad Men, It's Always Sunny, House).

But most importantly, it stars Armie  Hammer, John Malkovich and Ben Kingsley, whom one presumes will just sit aroud speaking in refined tones, sipping Perrier and laughing heartily at the latest PGA scandal in between takes.