AVENGERS Assembled In Mondo’s New Series

We got Hulk - see the rest of the team!

Today's been a bit of a nightmare on the BAD backend. Huge apologies for all of the server issues - we're doing our best to work everything out and doing plenty of teeth-gnashing and wailing in the meantime.

Mondo revealed a slew of Avengers posters on different sites today, and our own Film Crit Hulk exclusively revealed the Hulk poster and promptly smashed our server. Check it out. 

Also debuted today? Iron Man, on io9:

Captain America, on Wired:

And Thor, on Movies.com:

The above four posters will go on sale at different times tomorrow. Follow @mondonews on Twitter to find the exact time and join the mad dash to nab them!

Last week, Hawkeye and Black Widow were revealed (and sold out in seconds):

Here's what we're still waiting on: the Avengers assembled together in one final poster! Expect the announcement for that covetable beaut soon.