Members of Liars Abducted in This Week’s Holy Hunter of Music Videos

This week April introduces us to music videos from Liars, Nite Jewel and The Gorgeous Colours.

Unpredictable three-piece mainstay Liars are set to unveil their sixth studio album WIXIW in late May. That’s to be pronounced “wish you” and serves as an extension of the occasionally jarring stylistic shifts for which the band is becoming well known. In the video for title track “No. 1 Against the Rush,” lavish fashion photographer/filmmaker Todd Cole works his critically acclaimed magic behind the lens as we follow a maudlin, middle-aged murderer as he abducts members of the experimental rock group one by one. And if you’re surprised to find out there’s such a thing as fashion films, Cole’s short for clothing label Rodarte (starring Elle Fanning) is worth a watch.

Kudos to @alamocaitlin for sliding this Delaney Bishop-directed video for Nite Jewel’s “One Second of Love” my way. In it the California-based electro-pop songster Ramona Gonzalez slips into something more comfortable (sheer prairie pantsuit) during one of the most riveting bachelorette parties I’ve ever witnessed. Do me a favor and hold out until the 2:25 mark where the festivities take an impossibly stranger turn. Trust me, folks. There’s tentacle barf.

Dublin-based five-part harmony delivering outfit, The Gorgeous Colours, unbosom a sweetly sentimental 2D animation for “Animal." And Bruno Palma directs the blast from the past as it’s a track dusted off from their 2010 EP, The Creatures Down Below. Our lonesome, bespectacled protagonist dwells within an otherworldly place worthy of even the faintest of smiles. Three words: baby lamb float. I’d argue that there's one ironic pencil-thin mustache getting in the way of it all.