Our Recent Not-So-Badass Downtime

The site's been having performance issues and we're sorry about it.

You've probably noticed that for the last twenty four hours Badass Digest has been either slow or unavailable. It all began yesterday afternoon when I ran my thoughts about The Hobbit presentation at CinemaCon; that article turned out to be HUGELY popular, and the influx of traffic totally crashed the site. 

Our digital gurus feverishly worked on the issue, and just when we thought everything was okay we debuted the Hulk poster from Mondo, and once again a flood of visitors brought Badass Digest to its knees.

This is why I've opted to never be that successful. 

I think we have everything working again, more or less. The site's still sluggish, and we'll be taking steps to fix that. Meanwhile our tech geniuses have added more servers and upped the arrays and recharged the dilithium crystals, so as long as we don't make the mistake of getting really popular again, we should be at least serving up pages.

I'm really sorry to you guys, our regular and dedicated readers. I know what a pain in the butt it is when a site you like won't load. I get really stressed out about this stuff, and I hate the idea that new readers are first encountering our excellent community at such a bad time. I was so stressed by this, in fact, that I had to go out drinking and doing karaoke with Tim League until almost 5am, and now I have one of the worst hangovers of my life. That's how much I care.

But seriously, I'm sorry for the issues and I appreciate you sticking around. I think this site has begun blooming into what I always imagined it could be, and I'm so honored that you guys have decided to come hang out here.