Stephen King’s THE EYES OF THE DRAGON Headed To SyFy Network

King's 1987 fantasy book is being developed as a GAME OF THRONES competitor on the SyFy Network. 

Yesterday, the SyFy network announced that they're developing Stephen King's 1987 fantasy novel The Eyes of the Dragon as a potential series, film or mini-series for the network. One presumes this decision is in answer to the wild popularity of Game of Thrones, HBO's adaptation of George R. R. Martin's fantasy saga. 

While The Eyes of the Dragon is only one rather short novel, it's a rich well. The book's about a scheming magician lobbying for power within a kingdom, murdering and framing those closest to the King in order to gain control. It takes place in the same universe as King's The Dark Tower series in a realm called Delain of In-World. There are several familiar references for Dark Tower fans: Flagg (the king's ominous magician), King Roland (a different Roland...OR IS HE?! [he is.]), Delain, the dragon and King Roland's sons Thomas and Dennis all make appearances in later novels. 

It's a smart move for SyFy to tap into the popularity of The Dark Tower and Game of Thrones rather cheaply, as I imagine the the rights to this novel - not one of King's most successful - weren't exorbitant. SyFy really seems to want to ladle up to HBO's gravy train as they're also developing a series based on another supernatural novel by Charlaine Harris - the author of the series that HBO adapted into True Blood. They also announced comic adaptations of Booster Gold and Grey Legion, a TV series version of The Adjustment Bureau, and a time travel drama, among others.