Von Trier’s NYMPHOMANIAC To Be Two-Parter, Like That Kevin Smith Hockey Movie

Lars von Trier's producer reveals NYMPHOMANIAC will take two movies to tell.

Lars von Trier, one of the most disruptive geniuses of the modern cinema world, is working on his next movie, which will surely make some waves. Called Nymphomaniac, it promises to be the story of a woman's life - the erotic portions, anyway - from ages 0 to 50. It'll star Charlotte Gainsbourg and will feature hardcore sex (although not with the star... hardcore scenes will be doubled). 

Now comes word that Nymphomaniac will actually be Lars' next TWO movies. Talking with Screen Daily, producer Peter Jensen says "We are making two films. It is a big operation. I personally hope that we should be ready for Cannes next year. We will shoot both and edit both – and we want to finish both at the same time.”

The first film will cover the main character's life from age 0 to adolescence, while the second film will be all about her grown up years. Could be kinda controversial, to say the least. A whole movie about pre-pubescent sexuality? There are a lot of people in America who have no interest in even admitting such a thing exists.

Of course America isn't exactly von Trier's biggest market. Still, there's a plan on how to release the hardcore film in these puritanical United States. "We will probably blur the central points of the human body for the release worldwide but we will probably make one unblurred that will be for screening maybe in Cannes."

Interestingly, Jensen mentions Cannes... from which von Trier was banned last year. Of course Cannes is big - he could just mean the film will play at the Cannes marketplace and not in competition - but I suspect he's talking about Nymphomaniac being a real competitor in the festival. While von Trier was banned, this feels like such Cannes-bait that I can't imagine the film NOT playing the fest.