BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD Poster An Excuse To Talk About How Good 2012 Is

Guys, I think it's a great year.

To paraphrase The Who, I got a feeling '12 is gonna be a good year. It already is, in fact. This weekend Sound of My Voice, another entry in what I call the Golden Age of Indie SciFi, is in theaters. You should go see it. The Avengers turned out to be fucking awesome. Cabin in the Woods is amazing. Chronicle and 21 Jump Street unexpectedly kicked ass. There's a new Whit Stillman in theaters right now. You're gonna love Looper. And this year sees new films from Wes Anderson, Peter Jackson, Ang Lee, Quentin Tarantino and Baz Luhrmann, whose The Great Gatsby looks to be unmissable.

But none of those movies are the best of the year. In January I saw a film that claimed the very early 'best of the year' slot and has held on to it ever since; I'm curious if it can hold off the big comers on their way. That movie is the small but expansive Beasts of the Southern Wild, one of the most spectacular movies I have seen in... well, ever. You can read my Sundance review here.

The movie hits theaters at the end of June, and now Fox Searchlight has put out a poster for the film. It's based on a still that was widely used out of Sundance, but they've sort of magicked it up. I like the poster - the image of young heroine Hushpuppy running with sparklers is evocative and lovely. Honestly, it's the laurels and critical praise that's gonna sell this one, not pictures of the giant prehistoric monsters that run across the countryside during the film.