Reports Confirm STAR TREK 2 Has The Safest Possible Villain

Spoilers, I guess, within.

TrekMovie, one of the most reliable sources of Star Trek information online, has confirmed that the villain in Star Trek 2 is...





*sad trombone*

Yes, Benedict Cumberbatch is playing the Sikh warrior previously essayed by one of the most Latino men on the planet. 

I don't know - maybe it'll be great. The site also confirms that Leonard Nimoy is returning as Spock Prime, so it would be nice to see that Spock get face time with the guy who (sort of) killed him. Further, TrekMovie says that the Klingons play a significant role in the movie. They were in the first Star Trek reboot but cut at the last minute; further the previous movie had them wearing helmets so that JJ Abrams wouldn't have to pick between Original Series and modern, ridged Klingons. It seems unlikely that he'll have the same luxury this time around. 

TrekMovie says that Star Trek 2 isn't just Space Seed Redux, but the choice of Khan feels hyper boring. It just seems so safe. It makes a financial sense - the reboot did okay, but wasn't a massive blockbuster on the scale that Paramount would have liked. The sequel is the attempt to do The Dark Knight to the first film's Batman Begins - up the ante on a decent success into a major success. And going with the safe villain helps that.

Of course JJ Abrams and crew are not above spreading false spoilers - foilers - to get fans off the scent. This could, possibly, be totally phony. Somehow I suspect not.