Sharlto Copley To Make Josh Brolin Screw A Prawn In OLDBOY Remake

DISTRICT 9, A-TEAM star is the bad guy in Spike Lee's remake of the Park Chan Wook classic.

Spike Lee's remake of Oldboy continues hurtling forward, and after a big search for an actor to play the bad guy (a search that included Colin Firth and Christian Bale), Sharlto Copley has signed on. You'll recall Sharlto as the star of District 9 who played 'Howling Mad' Murdock in Joe Carnahan's big screen version of The A-Team

Josh Brolin is playing the lead role, renamed Joe Douchett (I guess Oh Daesu wouldn't fly for an American character) who gets mysteriously imprisoned by Copley's character. When he escapes he seeks revenge, and all sorts of fucked up stuff happens. I won't spoil it for you if you haven't seen the original, but I do sort of feel like seeing the original should be a baseline requirement for visiting this site. You should purchase it below and watch it ASAP.

Of course the question remains just HOW fucked up Spike's version will be. Nobody knows. It starts filming in September, and I'm imagining we'll know soon after just how far this Oldboy goes.