A Literal Trip To The Grocery Store In This Week’s Holy Hunter Of Music Videos

Gemma Ray, Japanthers and Lower Dens lead the charge for cool new videos in this week's Holy Hunter!

Directing duo Lucy Dyson and Joseph Jensen’s animated take on the British indie pop songstress Gemma Ray's most recent “Rescue Me” is in two parts: sparkle and spook. The track itself is plucked from her fourth studio album, Island Fire and harbors Lynchian qualities I can really get behind. I’m also getting behind it for protection because a Gemma Ray sounds quite perilous. In the end our lead dodges asteroids behind the wheel of a Pontiac GTO while a variety of carefully chosen items purchased to prepare for the impending apocalypse ride shotgun. Let’s take a moment to consider the addition of bug spray, mustard and a pineapple to our end of the world lists, too.

Bewitching cinematic puppetry enthusiasts, The Hand/Nightshade alongside directing team Jason Thibodeaux and Sarah Frechette have dreamed up a semi-terrifying concept to accompany art punk Japanther’s “Lil Taste”. Think Meet the Feebles with less adorable drug-addled characters. And there’s something about that :35 mark that might prove more effective than a DARE program and most definitely inspire a nightmare.

Talk about an ideal segue into Lower Dens’ sophomore album, Nootropics (“smart drugs” by definition). Full of striking images by director/renowned photographer, Sebastian Mlynarski the video for the Baltimore-based sleep rock outfit’s “Propagation” follows a handful of cool dudes donning lambent beekeeper costumes through the forest after dark. Hey, stranger things have happened in Maryland. More important elements of note include a light look at dendrophilia and how their adventure culminates in a gleeful glowhole gathering that may or not be suitable for the office.