Up For Discussion: THE AVENGERS

It's the biggest movie in the world right now, which means you've probably seen it. Spoiler discussion of THE AVENGERS within!

We went a little nuts with the Avengers coverage this week. What can I say, I was really excited about the movie. I don't think The Avengers is the best blockbuster of all time, but I do think it's pretty much operating on the level that we should demand ALL blockbusters operate. They should be no dumber, have no less character goodness, have no less imagination than The Avengers.

Here's some of our coverage:

We told you who that guy was at the end of the movie.

We told you not to look for Easter Eggs.

We told you about the best Iron Man cosplay ever.

We told you about why Harry Dean Stanton is in the movie.

We told you what Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver mean to the future of the Marvel Studios movies.

We told you about fewer crossovers in the next phase of Marvel Studios movies.

We told you about Jack Kirby, who co-created The Avengers.

And we told you about his 10 craziest characters.

I reviewed The Avengers.

So did Sam Strange.

Now that you're all caught up, what did you think about The Avengers? Spoilers are allowed!