Film Crit Hulk Hits The Big Time, Writes For The New Yorker

Our own Hulk smashes into Pauline Kael's house.

When somebody is good, they get noticed. And it's hard NOT to notice the eight foot tall green guy in the room, especially when he's shockingly erudite and sweet. The New Yorker - one of the most respected magazines in all the world - took notice of Film Crit Hulk and asked him to contribute to their blog. The subject? Something close to home: Mark Ruffalo's portrayal of The Hulk in The Avengers.

It is, of course, a great piece. You can read it here. It's also really exciting on a lot of levels. I know Film Crit Hulk, so I know how incredible it was for him  to be asked to contribute film writing to the same magazine where Pauline Kael made her home. It's wonderful to see a friend get recognized for the extraordinary quality of his work in a world where quality doesn't carry much weight. And it's pretty damn cool to see Badass Digest making a little dent in the larger culture. On top of that I can't help but smile knowing The New Yorker - a magazine that published Cheever, Salinger, Thurber, Updike and Murakami - has an all-caps essay on the meaning of Hulks.

There's another aspect for me, which is the vindication of Hulk's unique and beautiful style. My friend BenDavid Grabinski put it best on Twitter:

Glad @FilmCritHULK didn't listen to the vocal minority. Someone will always want you to make your shit more generic. That someone sucks.