Does THIS IS 40 Poster Break The “Shitting On A Movie Poster” Barrier?

In the proud GHOULIES tradition...

The poster for This Is 40 has arrived, and it features Paul Rudd taking a dump (or maybe just sitting down to pee. That could be in line with some of the film's thematic concerns). Is this the first American movie poster to ever feature an actor on the toilet? I've been trying to think of a previous one and the closest I can come is the Ghoulies poster, which has a Ghoulie coming OUT of a toilet -a very important distinction.

Can you guys think of another American* movie poster featuring someone explicitly on the toilet (ie, not feet under a toilet stall door or something)? It has to be for a film with a theatrical release - ie, a movie where the poster went through the MPAA.

* I have to specify American because I'm sure there's a Japanese movie poster where someone is on a toilet and a tentacle is coming out of their asshole or something. Japan. Frowny face.