As President Obama finally comes out in support of basic human rights, let's groove with the great modern musical that proves love knows no gender.

Today President Obama finally did something no other president has done: he simply said that he believes gay people should have the right to get married. Such a simple thing, such an obvious thing, but still majorly historic. Did he do it a little too late to make a difference in the North Carolina election that saw the state once again codify hate into their constitution? Sure. Is there a sense that this is an attempt to mobilize youth, who tend to be very progressive on this issue but are generally disinterested in/disgusted by electoral politics? Sure. But you know what? It's RIGHT. So who cares about the other things.

To celebrate that, our Daily Trailer is from one of my all-time favorite movies, one that makes me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME I WATCH IT. And I've watched it like 50 times. But Hedwig and the Angry Inch isn't really a sad movie - although there is a lot of sadness in it. What I get all weepy about is the sheer beauty of the film's central message, about the power of love, and how it doesn't respect boundaries - whether they be national, class, identity or even gender. 

It's also filled with ass-kicking songs by Stephen Trask, and an incredible titular performance by writer and director John Cameron Mitchell, who adapted his own stage show. He plays glam rocker Hedwig, once an East German boy named Hansel, whose sex change operation goes terribly awry, leaving him without a vagina or a penis - just the one angry inch. The movie isn't didactic, and it's often hilariously funny. Mitchell is one of the most exciting voices in film, with his sexually explicit Shortbus being a criminally underlooked movie (probably because it opens with a guy jerking off into his own mouth. Even very liberal audiences seem to have limits). He recently went more mainstream with the awards-baity Rabbit Hole, but I hope to see him get back to edgy material in the future.

If you haven't seen Hedwig, check out this song, Origin of Love. It's the most powerful track - really perfect for a cool wedding. And Thor is in it. But is it the best track? I don't know! Wig in a Box is amazing, as is Angry Inch. All the songs are really good.