It Looks Sort Of Like Alice Eve Is Playing Starbuck In STAR TREK 2

A new behind the scenes shot gives us maddeningly few clues as to who she could be.

The fun of parsing even the smallest details of a JJ Abrams movie went out the window a long time ago for me, but I still have this OCD thing where I have to pay attention to every single leaked detail. I think that the secrecy makes people way more interested in cracking spoilers; if Abrams just told us basic stuff like who is playing what role in Star Trek 2 we probably wouldn't parse every single image and clue like it's the Bible Code. 

And so this photo, which comes from Trek Movie, shows us Alice Eve in costume behind the scenes of Star Trek 2. We know she's in the movie but, until now, have not known anything about her role. There has been a lot of speculation, much of which centered on whether she's even human (in the film. We're fairly certain she's human IRL). This picture tells us that she's human (or at least Vulcan, although I don't know if Vulcans can be blonde. I should probably know that), and she's in Starfleet. We know she's in Starfleet because she's wearing the same flight suit as Zachary Quinto's Spock, which looks like a bunch of other costumes we've seen in spy shots.

Is it just me or does Eve, with her top down around her waist and the blonde hair cut that way and the tank top look kind of exactly like Kara Thrace, aka Starbuck, from Battlestar Galactica? Obviously she can't be, but man, I cannot look at that picture and see anything BUT Kara Thrace.

Early reports said that Eve is playing a character new to the Trek canon, but who knows if that's even true. Spies in the Cold War had an easier time getting information. And probably more fun, as well.

Oh, and that guy in the middle? No clue who he is, but this is his last time on a JJ Abrams set.