Daniel Day Lewis has his breakthrough performance in this gay-themed masterpiece whose trailer avoids gayness whenever possible.

My Beautiful Laundrette is the movie that launched both Daniel Day Lewis and director Stephen Frears - which is interesting because it was originally intended to be a TV movie. The film, about two young gay men whose love crosses racial lines, exploded internationally. 

Watching that trailer is sort of disorienting if you've seen the film; the trailer carefully tiptoes around the very prominent gay aspects of the movie (there's a pretty hot sex scene between punk Daniel Day Lewis and Pakistani Gordon Warnecke). There are a couple of shots that would make you wonder what exactly is the nature of the relationship between these men, but the way the trailer is cut My Beautiful Laundrette looks like an unlikely buddy picture, not an unlikely romance. It also, if memory serves, features one of the last shots of the movie, an interesting note for those who complain modern trailers spoil too much.