Shredding The World Record: Watch A Man Try To Play A Guitar Solo For 24 Hours

An insane Guinness record attempt is happening right now, and we're live streaming it.

David Didonato is trying to set a Guinness world record - he's playing a guitar solo for 24 hours. He's performing at Red 7 in Austin, Texas, and we're psyched to be bringing you the livestream.

Why are we psyched? Because this is so utterly badass AND batshit. I'm pretty interested in what's going to be happening around hour 12, when David's fingers are just raw chopped meat and when he's barely able to focus on anything but the pain wracking every bit of his body. This is going to get good and weird and crazy.

As of this writing (10:30pm Austin time) David has been at it for three and a half hours. He's going strong right now, and what he's playing actually sounds great. Will that keep being the case until 7pm Central on Monday, May 14th? Click here to watch.

In case you're wondering, here's more about David and the attempt:

Former J Church/Rat King/Ultimate Dragons guitarist and current Modok guitarist/music instructor David Didonato is convinced he can defeat the current Guinness Book of World Records streak for the longest guitar solo of all time (currently at 24 hours and 18 minutes with a Guinness approved 5 minute break every hour). Starting Sunday, May 13th at 7pm CST and (hopefully) lasting until Monday, May 14th at 7pm David will attempt to shred the world record.

For those in Austin, Red 7 will be open from 5pm-2am on Sunday, May 13th and will reopen at noon the next day for anyone who wants to come by and check out David's "wailing". Admission will be $1 an hour, unless you stay for the whole thing - in which David will pay you $25. More info here.