A First Fuzzy Look At PTAnderson’s THE MASTER

PTA returns this fall with a fictionalized version of L Ron Hubbard's story.

The Master! It's the new Paul Thomas Anderson movie, it's coming this fall, and I feel convinced it's gonna be great. I just know it. 

The image at the top of this article is an unprofessionally blown up look at a single 65mm frame of the film (yes, the movie was shot on 65. Don't be surprised if it ends up released that way). This is the first look at the movie, revealed as a shot of a couple of frames of negative. Cigarettes and Red Vines got an exclusive with the image and they reversed it, creating what you see above. The image seems to be Philip Seymour Hoffman, playing the titular Master, entering a party.

You should check out their site for more pics.