ABC Still Plans To Make A Hulk TV Show

Put away your dreams of a movie starring Mark Ruffalo.

After The Avengers everybody said the same thing: "Oh man, The Hulk steals that movie!" And after The Avengers everybody got excited about the idea of there being a new Hulk movie, maybe - as someone at Marvel* cryptically said - in 2015.

Don't hold your breath. You'll remember that ABC was developing a Hulk TV show last year, with Guillermo del Toro. Turns out that show isn't dead... especially after the pop culture reaction to The Hulk in The Avengers. Talking to reporters at ABC's upfront presentation for the 2012 season, ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee said:

"Hulk is in development... It wasn't going to be ready this season but we hope it's going to be ready for next season."

The question is what form this Hulk show wil take. Will it follow off of the character as seen in The Avengers? Could ABC land Mark Ruffalo? Or will it be totally unconnected? This is an interesting case study to look at how Marvel approaches these characters in different media; it would make sense to have Ruffalo's Hulk be the center of the show, but that seems like it might be impossible to actually secure (although they may be able to use the digital Hulk that was based off of Ruffalo for the movie). 

The other big question is this: has The Avengers so upped the ante for what we want to see from a Hulk on screen that no TV show could afford to give us what we want?

* President of Consumer Products, ie, the guy who would have no say in this.